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My passion is to simply tell compelling stories via film, television, and the web that inspires, entertains and impacts a new generation so that they will release their own talents and gifts to impact the world around them!

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CONGRATULATIONS to the CAST, CREW and entire TEAM XXENOS on winning the OMNI Cultural TV Fest Award!!

Gordon's Bio

Born in Jamaica, West Indies and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Gordon has starred,  and recurred guest starred in numerous television, film and stage productions.  He’s best known for his Gemini Award-winning performance as “Sheriff Wood Jackson” on Disney’s highly rated original hit Television series, “ The Famous Jett Jackson”.  

His most recent film and television credits include the role of "Inspector Leonce" in the Independent film "Ten Cent Daisy", You Tube Red's new series "Do You Want to See a Dead Body", "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Real Husbands of Hollywood, Henry Danger, Stitchers, Shameless, Mafia 3 video game "Father James”, Battle creek, and Stockholm Pennsylvania. As a professional actor with over 25 years of experience, Greene stresses that it has not been an easy road. When He first came to Hollywood in the 1980’s the opportunities for young leading black male actors were scarce. He experienced numerous rejections but was determined to rise above his circumstances.

“I remember auditioning for Richard Pryor & Gene Wilder’s movie“Another You”, and after my reading, the casting director said ‘You know you just read Richard Pryor’s character, so can you do me a big favor and step outside the room, take five minutes and look over the“Frankie”character'.  I came back inside and nailed the read and got the part. Unfortunately, several weeks prior to the screening of the film, I received a call from the studio informing me that my scene was cut from the movie. Approximately Eight years later I booked my first television series!.......PERSEVERANCE!"

Cast and Crew of "The Coconut Hut"

Gordon Greene directing his first WebSeries 'The Coconut Hut'.

Cast and Crew of "XXENOS"

Director Gordon Greene, rehearsing actors Emmanul Kabongo and Aden Mackey in short film XXENOS.

As a friend and fellow thespian, I’ve had the opportunity to watch Gordon create a project and complete it from start to finish, and to do it with integrity and genuine respect for others...

Ernie Hudson 

"Follow your dreams, don't give up on them. Trust and know who you are. Find what it is that you are passionate about and ride that journey." -Gordon Greene
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LA WebFest 2017 Winner for Best Theme Song 'The Coconut Hut'!

     Nominated for 3 LA WebFest Awards:

  • ​Best Writing
  • Best Supporting Actress
  • Best Theme Song

Gordon is not only a talented artist, but, he has the ability to empower others.  He inspired me to start writing and telling the stories that’s been stirring up inside me, dying to come out...

David Nash 
Actor/ Writer/ Stuntman

I’ve had the opportunity to produce several film projects with Gordon and when he gets going there is no stopping him.  He’s 110% focused. He has a burning desire to achieve his goal. Gordon is a team player.  He’s reliable and committed to the very end...

Howard Green 

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