Black Leather Soles

Black Leather Soles is an American drama.  It has been nominated for 6 film festival awards (1 win).

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About the Film

Junior Rawlings, immigrant born, grows up in Harlem, New York with his preacher father, Mr. Trevor Rawlings and his mother, Cassy Rawlings. After witnessing his first hoofers dance on his way to church, Junior decides that hoofing is his new lifelong dream. Against his father’s will, he runs away from home to pursue his dream. A prodigy, he gets his first gig dancing for the mob only to be caught up in a shoot-out, leaving him unable to ever dance again. Not wanting to go home as a failure, he borrows money from his former boss to open his own night club, living vicariously through his acts. Devastated from the aftermath of the Great Depression, he is left for broke, in debt and not to mention estranged from his father for many years now. With only seven days to repay his debt, and fear of losing his life and his nightclub, he fires his old acts and hires new ones, hoping to bring in more money and buy a little more time. He falls in love with Candy, a beautiful chanteuse, who urges him to make amends with his estranged father.


In 2001, Black Leather Soles made its Stage debut as a co-production by Gordon Greene (writer/actor/producer) and David Strasberg, at the Lee Strasberg Theater in Hollywood. Black Leather Soles ran for six (6) weeks to a sold out audience. It was nominated for five (5) NAACP Theater Awards in the following categories: Best Producer, Best Costume, Best Choreography, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Set Design, and winning one for Best Choreography. It was also nominated for two (2) L.A. Weekly Theater Awards for Best Supporting Actors.In 2005 Gordon Greene & producing partner Howard Green shot Black Leather Soles, the short film and was accepted into seven (7) International & Domestic Film Festivals. Again, Black Leather Soles proved its commercial appeal by winning Best Short Film at the Houston Black Film Festival and also securing a KODAK Finalist spot in the Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival.Black Leather Soles is a period piece set in 1933, Harlem, during the Great Depression, and is a timeless work of art. The issues and struggles are just as relevant today as they were back then as far as social, political, religious and cultural. Currently, Black Leather Soles has evolved into a full-length feature screenplay blending suspense-drama, humor, and dance, making it one of the most unique and appealing screenplay today.