Weathering The Storm

Remember who you are - SuccessSuccess is Right Around The Corner

Far too often I see people with promising DREAMS and or IDEAS get so close to the finish line only to throw their hands up and give up when success was right around the corner.  I know that most of my articles have been more inspirational than any other categories and believe me that’s no accident! Continue reading “Weathering The Storm”

The Web Series Journey – Experiencing the Creative “PROCESS”

1st Assistant Director Daniel Argo and Director Gordon Greene – The Coconut Hut

I carefully chose the title “The web series Journey – Experiencing the process”, because the more I think I’m set on what I believe is the right standard or the correct approach for creating content for TV, film, and especially the web – the more I continue to learn that the social media world is constantly changing and so are the platforms for displaying our CREATIVE IDEAS! Continue reading “The Web Series Journey – Experiencing the Creative “PROCESS””

My Approach to a Stress-FREE Holiday


As the Holidays approaches I know it can be stressful for most of us.  Why is that?  Why so much worry?  Why so much hustle and bustle at a time when we should be enjoying our families, friends and sometimes even our enemies (lol)? Why? Why? Why? Well, here’s what I suspect could possibly be the culprit to all this holiday stress nonsense………OURSELVES!! Continue reading “My Approach to a Stress-FREE Holiday”

Web Series Entertainment – The Future is Now!

Razor - Web Series
Jeffrey Anderson-Gunter on the set of “The Coconut Hut”
Why Make a Web Series?

“Why make a web series”, you might ask? What’s the point? Why not just raise the money and make a feature film or try to get a literary agent to rep you so you can sell your script to some big Hollywood studio? Continue reading “Web Series Entertainment – The Future is Now!”

Does Networking in Hollywood Make You Uncomfortable?

Networking: the Deadline Hollywood event
Producer Howard Green, actor Patrick Stewart, actor/filmmaker Gordon Greene and Logan’s director James Mangold at the Deadline Hollywood event.
My Hollywood Networking Journey

This topic of conversation is one that I must confess I’ve always struggled
with throughout my own personal Hollywood networking journey. To me,
networking is an art in itself. Some are great at it, and others would
prefer to watch a YouTube video on “How to network in Hollywood and not suck at it” and call it a night (I think I fit right in between both. Lol.) –
just being honest! Continue reading “Does Networking in Hollywood Make You Uncomfortable?”

Hold on to Your “PEACE”

Hold on to your "Peace"How Was Your Day Today?

As I was piecing my thoughts together as to what subject or topic I wanted to write about, it suddenly dawned on me, “Hey, why not ask everyone to do a self-assessment of how their day went”.  In a world full of information overload, junk mails, constant sales calls, sitting in traffic, reading my blogs (ha, ha?), etc., I thought it would be nice to take a moment and reflect on the sort of day I had today. Continue reading “Hold on to Your “PEACE””

Director/Filmmaking Icon – Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese’s Advice to Beginners – “You can do anything, make your own industry”

This next Director (one of my favorite), needs no introduction, but, for the sake of protocol, “Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s Martin Scorsese!”…oops! I forgot to insert the drum roll. Continue reading “Director/Filmmaking Icon – Martin Scorsese”

Hollywood Groundbreaker – Charles D. King

This is a success story about the next Hollywood groundbreaker Mr. Charles D. King. He went from humble beginnings working in the Mailroom for one of the most powerful talent agencies in the industry, the WME Agency, to be the owner of a multimedia company. Charles D. King’s journey and success are an inspiration to anyone who dares to dream and dream big! Continue reading “Hollywood Groundbreaker – Charles D. King”

“XXENOS” – The Short Film

XXENOS - Short FilmCanadian Filmmakers

Approximately four and a half months ago, I joined forces with my Canadian counterparts in shooting a superhero short film titled, XXENOS. This film is about a young man who’s afraid to accept what he fears the most…….his SUPER POWERS! Kapow! Wham! Zlonk! Bam!….Oops wrong show!  Oh, yeah!… As I was saying, this story was brought to me to direct, by my really good Canadian-maple-syrup-on-gluten-free-pancakes-with-Canadian-bacon eating buddies, Howard Green & Marcel Jones. Continue reading ““XXENOS” – The Short Film”

NEWS Flash…Congratulation Ten-Cent Daisy and She’s Gotta Have It

Spike Lee's Netflix Series She's Gotta' Have It

I’d like to give a big shout out to fellow thespian and good friend Lyriq Bent on his new Lead role in Spike Lee’s NETFLIX series She’s Gotta Have It.  Big CONGRATS to Lyriq Bent!  Please check out the trailer below (Lyriq also stars in our soon to be released comedy web series “The Coconut Hut”).

Continue reading “NEWS Flash…Congratulation Ten-Cent Daisy and She’s Gotta Have It”