A Positive Attitude Goes a Long Way

A Positive Attitude Goes a Long WayHow to Keep a Positive Attitude When Your Career Appears Stagnant

Today I felt the need to write about a topic that came to my attention that I believe most everyone can relate to……………..”How do you keep a positive attitude when your career appears stagnant? ” Continue reading “A Positive Attitude Goes a Long Way”

Black Leather Soles a Period Piece

So, today, as I was trying to unwind and catch my breath, it suddenly dawned on me that I had not written my Tuesday blog.  I looked at the time and said…”Oh, my”!  Well, It didn’t really sound that corny though…LOL!

Black Leather Soles

As I was revisiting some old archive footage from a short film (a period piece, circa 1930’s) I wrote, acted and produced, titled, Black Leather Soles; I got EXCITED as if I was embarking on that journey all over again. Continue reading “Black Leather Soles a Period Piece”

What Exactly does a Producer do?

Gordon Greene and Howard Green at the Produce by Conference
How do You Get to be a Producer?

One of the most challenging jobs within the entertainment industry is no doubt that of the producer.  How do you get to be a producer is the million-dollar question?   It depends on who you ask and how they got started in their career.  Take, for example, the film industry – although there is no formal education requirement to become a producer, it might be in your best interest to take a few business courses to prepare you to handle contract negotiations, and marketing activites. Continue reading “What Exactly does a Producer do?”

Working on Indie Film, “Ten-Cent Daisy”

Gordon as Detective Leonce in Ten-Cent DaisyOn The Set of “Ten-Cent Daisy”

Hope you’re having a good day.  I wanted to share a Little bit of how my last several days have been as an actor working on my most-recent indie film, “Ten-Cent Daisy”.

First of all, I want to thank the director, Lisbon Okafor, a rare talent and a breath of fresh air to direct a smart, genuine, artful folklore such as Ten-Cent Daisy. Continue reading “Working on Indie Film, “Ten-Cent Daisy””

Create Your Own Headlines

Create Your Own HeadlinesDirecting My First Project

Hey friends and fans… Here’s the latest news on Gordon Greene Projects: I’m happy to announce that after more than 28 years in the business, I decided to step into directing.  It’s important to create your own headlines.

In 2016, I directed my first project, which was an eight-episode, five minute in length, web series. Once I stepped out of my comfort zone and took on my director project, I then landed my second project. Continue reading “Create Your Own Headlines”

The Coconut Hut Web Series

The Coconut Hut Web Series
Jeffrey Anderson-Gunter, Frank Ashmore & Lyriq Bent on set.

The Coconut Hut is a splice-of-life Caribbean web series comedy about a bed and breakfast owner, Desmond Kilpatrick, who believes he’s running a four-star dream, but resembles a one and a half star reality. His guests are just as eager checking out as they are checking in.’ Continue reading “The Coconut Hut Web Series”