Letter of Encouragement

Get Dressed!

Dear Reader,

This letter is a personal message of encouragement to all of you who’ve been trying to climb life’s challenging mountains, but sometimes feel you’re always coming up short.  Just remember, you’re not alone.  Most of us share similar struggles, similar pain, similar “Oh, so close!” experiences, yet we still keep on climbing!

One of my favorite Bible verse is Proverbs 27:17  – “As iron sharpens iron; so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend”.  A true friend ENCOURAGES, MOTIVATES, LISTENS, and is TRUTHFUL (no candy-coating, but done in kindness).

Always remember that whatever it is in life you wish to achieve, you cannot do it alone.  We’ve all heard the term, “Success can be a lonely road”, and yes I do agree, however, if you can find one person in life that ever achieved success ALL BY HIMSELF or HERSELF, it would be a first!

Although the task might seem insurmountable – or maybe life sometimes gets in the way of your goals…………STAY THE COURSE!  NEVER GIVE UP…..and find a true FRIEND!

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Family Fun Day!


So, this past weekend I was determined to get caught up on a lot of work stuff!   I mean real work STUFF!!  You know that feeling you get when you’ve knocked out all your chores, all the to-do’s, and you’re ready to get to the REAL work, but suddenly you get a tug from this big bright-eyed 10 year old asking, “daddy, can you go for a bike ride with me at the park?”……”Can you?  Can you?   You promised!  You really promised!  You said you would! You really did”! Continue reading “SWITCHING IT UP!”

Every Day is Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's DayHappy Mother’s Day!

I hope you enjoyed your mother’s day celebration, and shout out to all of you awesome mothers!!  Everyday is truly mother’s day!  A mother’s touch makes everything feel better.  She is there when you’re sick with soup and big hugs.  She is there to comfort you when no one wants to play with you at the new school – remember?  Mothers are intuitive and nurturing and play a key role in all our lives.  Happy mother’s day moms – everyday! Continue reading “Every Day is Mother’s Day!”

Discipline to Exercise | Exercise to Discipline

Discipline to ExerciseDiscipline The Mind and Body

Are you starting your day off with a little exercise? If your answer is yes then that’s five gold stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ for you! That’s right! Whether it’s at least thirty minutes of walking outside or on your treadmill at home or even hitting some weights at your local gym, exercising the body is a healthy way to start your day (that’s of course after your prayers and meditation.  At least for me that is).  After years of abuse – it’s time to discipline the mind and body and it won’t be easy – you have to exercise discipline. Continue reading “Discipline to Exercise | Exercise to Discipline”

Give GOD Thanks!

Give God ThanksFind something to be thankful for

As I sit in my comfortable brown leather chair (it’s not really mine.  It’s the property of a coffee shop) listening to the beautiful lyrics of “A song for you” by the the amazingly gifted singer/songwriter, Donny Hathaway, thinking, “what topic of interest would I like to share with you all today?”, it suddenly dawned on me, “why not ask everyone to just stop and give GOD thanks! Continue reading “Give GOD Thanks!”

A Message of Encouragement for The Women

Hope for a Brighter Future – Encouragement

First of all, let me start off by saying that I am not big on politics nor will I pretend to act as though I’m politically savvy, cause I’m not! However, when it comes to being socially conscious and aware of another human being mistreated or taken advantage of for another person’s gain or ego, should be enough to convict us to a call of action.  This is a message of encouragement!

In 2017 a lot of famous names not just in Hollywood but throughout the country were exposed. The doors swung right open in Hollywood to something that’s been a fabric of the industry for a very very long time -the old “casting couch”.  Many names were named (reminded me to some degree of McCarthyism), and moguls stepped down; guilt and shame were the tone….for some, and probably still no remorse for others.

My heart goes out to the women who endured those years of discrimination, being taken advantage of, and the feeling of disqualification. Although this particular article is for the women, it should not exclude some of our men whom have endured similar misguided conduct.

As we begin 2018, I’d like to share this short inspirational video link below from the very spiritually passionate Priscilla Shirer (“War Room”), to all the women who fell prey to such selfish and unkind acts, and hoping for a brighter future for women of all ages, background, race/ethnicity, shapes and sizes in the entertainment business as well as around the world.

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It’s All in The Preparation

PrepareWhat’s Your Next Move?

As 2017 winds down, I think it’s fair to ask, “What’s your next move going into the New Year?”. How often do we find ourselves caught off-guard because we weren’t ready, we didn’t prepare for all the opportunities that could potentially cross our paths? Continue reading “It’s All in The Preparation”

Weathering The Storm

Remember who you are - SuccessSuccess is Right Around The Corner

Far too often I see people with promising DREAMS and or IDEAS get so close to the finish line only to throw their hands up and give up when success was right around the corner.  I know that most of my articles have been more inspirational than any other categories and believe me that’s no accident! Continue reading “Weathering The Storm”

My Approach to a Stress-FREE Holiday


As the Holidays approaches I know it can be stressful for most of us.  Why is that?  Why so much worry?  Why so much hustle and bustle at a time when we should be enjoying our families, friends and sometimes even our enemies (lol)? Why? Why? Why? Well, here’s what I suspect could possibly be the culprit to all this holiday stress nonsense………OURSELVES!! Continue reading “My Approach to a Stress-FREE Holiday”

Does Networking in Hollywood Make You Uncomfortable?

Networking: the Deadline Hollywood event
Producer Howard Green, actor Patrick Stewart, actor/filmmaker Gordon Greene and Logan’s director James Mangold at the Deadline Hollywood event.
My Hollywood Networking Journey

This topic of conversation is one that I must confess I’ve always struggled
with throughout my own personal Hollywood networking journey. To me,
networking is an art in itself. Some are great at it, and others would
prefer to watch a YouTube video on “How to network in Hollywood and not suck at it” and call it a night (I think I fit right in between both. Lol.) –
just being honest! Continue reading “Does Networking in Hollywood Make You Uncomfortable?”