XXENOS Wins Omni Fest “Best TV Pilots Drama”

This one-day event was spearheaded by the hard working and multi-talented founder Kiki Melendez, her co-founder Cindy Cowen, and their phenomenal team!

CONGRATULATIONS to the CAST, CREW and entire TEAM XXENOS on winning the OMNI  Cultural TV Fest Award!!

And the AWARD for "BEST TV PILOTS DRAMA" goes to........!!

XXENOS!!  That's right!  You heard correctly!  On Wednesday, May 1st, at the  nostalgic Egyptian theater in Hollywood, the first OMNI TV Cultural Fest  launched its debut, and what an amazing one-day event it was!    

Unlike your normal film festivals, this event focused on projects created by  filmmakers, and the opportunity for all the selected contents to be screened by  the TV industry.  This one-day event was spearheaded by the hard working and  multi-talented founder Kiki Melendez, her co-founder Cindy Cowan, and their  phenomenal team!  

Special shout out to their Programmer Raphaello for his  outstanding work pulling off this jammed-packed screening content schedule of  approximately 70 selected TV pilots as well as sizzle reels in ALL genres.  Kiki points out that this festival is "A one of a kind all inclusive visual expo  bridging the gap between our creative talent and legitimate buyers of content",  and that it truly was!!

Their panels were boastfully standing room only, featuring major networks,  streamers and studios.  To kick off the evening, a fun-filled red carpet,  amazing band (Souleros featuring lead vocalist from Santana ANDY VARGAS & Cuban  jazz, Lily La Amazona), award ceremony and good FOOD! And to seal the deal, they  presented a LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD to iconic producer  PETER ENGEL. His  passion and dedication to the industry and his speech about "fighting for your  projects" was truly an inspiration.

I encourage all you filmmakers out there to keep keeping on and to go out there  and shoot your project(s). In addition, I recommend that you submit that project to the 2020 OMNI TV  Cultural Fest! 

OMNI CULTURAL TV FEST Website (click link):  Omniculturaltvfest.com

SPECIAL THANK YOU - I'd  like to also give a special thank you to actor Lyriq Bent(Tyler Perry's  ACRIMONY & Spike Lee's new Netflix series SHE'S GOTTA' HAVE IT) for giving us the heads-up on submitting our material to this festival. 
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Spike Lee's Netflix Series She's Gotta' Have It

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