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Discipline to ExerciseDiscipline The Mind and Body

Are you starting your day off with a little exercise? If your answer is yes then that’s five gold stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ for you! That’s right! Whether it’s at least thirty minutes of walking outside or on your treadmill at home or even hitting some weights at your local gym, exercising the body is a healthy way to start your day (that’s of course after your prayers and meditation.  At least for me that is).  After years of abuse – it’s time to discipline the mind and body and it won’t be easy – you have to exercise discipline.

Speaking from personal experience, what motivates me the most to have a fully vigorous and productive day is when I get a nice morning work out which not only wakes up my body and make it feel alive, but it also stimulates those tiny little brain cells(I still have a few of those left…….I think)!!


Why do you keep doing that to yourself? You know what!  EXCUSES!  You probably have sincere intentions of starting your day with a little exercise, but before you know it your mind starts saying to your body, “Hey, hey! Wake up you Hagen-Daz-eating-vanilla-Swiss-almond with macadamia nuts on top of that German chocolate cake with a cup of decaf coffee covered by soy non-dairy creamer so you feel a little less guilty which came right after the crystal ball Frappuccino you sucked up late last night on your way home from your local Starbucks drive thru!!  Whew!  That was a mouthful.

I know, I know – that was a bit much.  Okay, how about this: How about cutting back on the late night sugars and carbohydrates and try getting to bed a little earlier? I read somewhere where it’s been said that if you go to sleep around 10 or 11pm, you will get a much deeper sleep.  Now, don’t quote me on it but I certainly feel a difference!Exercise to DisciplineLook, I get it!  Most of the foods we tend to gravitate to at night after a long stressful day are probably pretty much “comfort foods” or “mood foods”.  They for a limited time – satisfy a temporary mood or funk we might be going through but when you wake up, oh boy, here comes another case of “The Freddy Brown – eat and lay down, disease” which in turn explains a big part of why you couldn’t get your exercise groove on this morning!

First, start off by taking little steps such as getting to bed an hour earlier. Second, cut back little at a time on late night sugars (or completely if possible) – they will convert to blood sugar and I’m sure you know that’s not a good recipe for success!

Remember the wise sayings of Gordon Greene, “Excuse is like a rectum! Everybody has one!”  That’s enough – I got a little carried away with the sillies.  Here’s a quote I once heard that is certainly a great food for thought:

“DISCIPLINE weighs ounces. REGRETS weighs tons.”

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2 thoughts on “Discipline to Exercise | Exercise to Discipline”

  1. Yes Gordon, you do bring up some very interesting facts about human behavior! ??
    I do feel much better when I stick to my routine. Balance in one’s life is the key. ? Thanks for your vision! Have fun!

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