A Message of Encouragement for The Women

Hope for a Brighter Future – Encouragement

First of all, let me start off by saying that I am not big on politics nor will I pretend to act as though I’m politically savvy, cause I’m not! However, when it comes to being socially conscious and aware of another human being mistreated or taken advantage of for another person’s gain or ego, should be enough to convict us to a call of action.  This is a message of encouragement!

In 2017 a lot of famous names not just in Hollywood but throughout the country were exposed. The doors swung right open in Hollywood to something that’s been a fabric of the industry for a very very long time -the old “casting couch”.  Many names were named (reminded me to some degree of McCarthyism), and moguls stepped down; guilt and shame were the tone….for some, and probably still no remorse for others.

My heart goes out to the women who endured those years of discrimination, being taken advantage of, and the feeling of disqualification. Although this particular article is for the women, it should not exclude some of our men whom have endured similar misguided conduct.

As we begin 2018, I’d like to share this short inspirational video link below from the very spiritually passionate Priscilla Shirer (“War Room”), to all the women who fell prey to such selfish and unkind acts, and hoping for a brighter future for women of all ages, background, race/ethnicity, shapes and sizes in the entertainment business as well as around the world.

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