Give GOD Thanks!

Give God ThanksFind something to be thankful for

As I sit in my comfortable brown leather chair (it’s not really mine.  It’s the property of a coffee shop) listening to the beautiful lyrics of “A song for you” by the the amazingly gifted singer/songwriter, Donny Hathaway, thinking, “what topic of interest would I like to share with you all today?”, it suddenly dawned on me, “why not ask everyone to just stop and give GOD thanks!

If I’m being a bit too spiritual for some of you then this is not for you. Nothing forced. I find far too often when things are not going the way we would like it to we tend to do one of two things: We either blame God (with the “Why me?”) or asking God to do a miracle.

But, how often do we take the time to just be still and simply say, THANK YOU.  TODAY is here.   TODAY is now.   TOMORROW is never guaranteed.

I thank GOD for all of you reading this article right now.   Let’s all try for a moment to get out of self and just be thankful, more giving than receiving, more intentional with our words and thoughts (especially me on this one) and maybe, just maybe the problems we thought was so monumental is not so monumental after all.

Find something to be thankful for.

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