Every Day is Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's DayHappy Mother’s Day!

I hope you enjoyed your mother’s day celebration, and shout out to all of you awesome mothers!!  Everyday is truly mother’s day!  A mother’s touch makes everything feel better.  She is there when you’re sick with soup and big hugs.  She is there to comfort you when no one wants to play with you at the new school – remember?  Mothers are intuitive and nurturing and play a key role in all our lives.  Happy mother’s day moms – everyday!

Mothers can multitask and still have dinner on the table in time to satisfy your hunger pains.  And they know how to put the right twist on a meal that no one else does it quite the same.

If this doesn’t sound like your mom – then think of something that she does well and thank her for that!  And for those who’s mother has passed on – I hope you know that it’s okay to celebrate the many memories.

Be thankful!

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