Letter of Encouragement

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Dear Reader,

This letter is a personal message of encouragement to all of you who’ve been trying to climb life’s challenging mountains, but sometimes feel you’re always coming up short.  Just remember, you’re not alone.  Most of us share similar struggles, similar pain, similar “Oh, so close!” experiences, yet we still keep on climbing!

One of my favorite Bible verse is Proverbs 27:17  – “As iron sharpens iron; so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend”.  A true friend ENCOURAGES, MOTIVATES, LISTENS, and is TRUTHFUL (no candy-coating, but done in kindness).

Always remember that whatever it is in life you wish to achieve, you cannot do it alone.  We’ve all heard the term, “Success can be a lonely road”, and yes I do agree, however, if you can find one person in life that ever achieved success ALL BY HIMSELF or HERSELF, it would be a first!

Although the task might seem insurmountable – or maybe life sometimes gets in the way of your goals…………STAY THE COURSE!  NEVER GIVE UP…..and find a true FRIEND!

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