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Look, I get it. I understand your concerns. Investing your hard earned money is something that no one should ever take lightly and that is why I felt the need to write down the 5 most common questions I’ve been asked over the years as a producer that I believe gets right to the point.

1) What is the Return On Investment (ROI) and is it guaranteed?

There are no guarantees. ROI depends on several variables that are beyond anyone’s control. Because return on investment is crucial to the success of our company we make sure all of our projects are vetted through a profit matrix before we ever seek funding. For a ROI projection, please contact me at my email or click the green button on this page:

2) Do you have distribution?

We currently have a distribution company that we’ve worked with in the past for our film, however, we would like to explore other options depending on which media (film, t.v, web series) we produce given we (production company and its partner(s)) retain as much control in the profit sharing outcome.

3) Who do you have attached (what celebrity and or director)?

Attaching a bankable actor and or director have always been a key element in getting a film made, but, it can also drive your budget up and still doesn’t guarantee success. Although we have access to recognizable named talent, we have the option of knowing what platform we can launch a project that may not necessarily need a “celebrity” or a “named director” to be successful. emerging technologies have also opened a vast array of new ways to consume entertainment and reach audiences worldwide. For example, streaming services where filmed entertainment content is accessed via a broadband or wireless Internet connection and can be viewed on a PC, a TV, a tablet or any other device. Additional, digital word-of-mouth, a new marketing paradigm can facilitate the distribution of branding over social media platforms and interactive technologies.

4) Have you made a Film/TV project before that made money?

My first and only full-length independent low budget film I wrote and produced with my team received domestic distribution and made a profit it’s first 3 months in Walmart, not to mention other distribution outlets, such as VOD, Netflix on-line (Canada), Blockbuster on-line(U.S), and other stores.

5) I heard that investing in the movie business is risky

Most successful people will tell you that where there is risk, there you will find the greatest rewards. Yes, the movie business is risky, but, unlike other segments of the economy, the film industry is actually growing. From 2004 to 2011, the film industry grew at a staggering 50% rate to a $65 Billion dollar industry.


We believe that a key to any successful low-budget independent film, T.V, Web series, etc, is to minimize above-the-line expenses while maximizing on screen production value. For that reason, our business model will focus on keeping costs under control at all times to ensure that all media is “in the can” for the right cost, which can help tremendously to ensure a lucrative post-production distribution deal.

I’ve had the opportunity to produce several film projects with Gordon and when he gets going there is no stopping him. He’s 110% focused. He has a burning desire to achieve his goal. Gordon is a team player. He’s reliable and committed to the very end...

Howard Green
Stuntman/ Producer