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XXENOS - Short Film

A short film about a young man's fear to accept the unknown......his Superpowers!

  • Written by – DeVon Haughton & Gordon Greene
  • Directed by – Gordon Greene
  • Produced by – Howard Green & Gordon Greene


The Coconut Hut

Written and Directed by - Gordon Greene

2017 Best Theme Song Winner
The Coconut Hut Web Series

8 completed episodes of "The Coconut Hut" streaming on YouTube - join in on the laughter.

The Coconut Hut is a splice-of-life Caribbean web series comedy about a bed and breakfast owner, Desmond Kilpatrick, who believes he’s running a four star dream, but resembles a one and a half star reality. His guests are just as eager to check out as they are to check in.

Completed/8full episodes

Black Leather Soles is an American drama. It has been nominated for 6 film festival awards (1 win).

Written by – Gordon Greene

Rawlins & Bookkeeper
Temple Green as Chanteuse
Black Leather Soles a Period Piece

Harlem 1930's, Junior Rawlings, a once-gifted tap dancer, is running a failing nightclub. With only one week to pay-off his loan shark, he struggles desperately to keep his last dream alive. However, fighting and embezzlement among his acts and crew threatens to drag it down completely.

In Development

Tapping Into Hearts

Hosted by Blake

Produced by Gordon Greene & Lindell Blake

In Development

Tapping into hearts is a non-scripted web series talk-show that connects the world through RHYTHM using tap as the conduit for a much broader artistic EXPRESSION.

Mike & Ashley's Travel Show

A show that gives you more intimate hands on travel experience with world class husband and wife travel team.

The Man in the Shadows

In Development

A true story about a prizefighter's quest to become world champion only to discover a greater purpose beyond boxing.

Easy "T"

In Development

A true story about a young NCAA basketball star who turned life's tragedies into hope.

Maternal Love

In Development

A short film about a woman's struggle with PTSD.

  • Written by – Shaleen Sutherland
  • Directed by – Gordon Greene
  • Produced by – Howard Green & Gordon Greene