Congratulations SANDRA OH on Your EMMY Nomination!!

Sandra Oh – Best Actress in a Drama Nominee

Let’s give it up for the extremely talented Sandra Oh for making history as the first Asian woman to be  nominated for  best  Actress in a Drama Emmy!  What a breath of fresh air!Congratulation Sandra Oh

During our brief photo op together she whispered in my ear, “GORDON, you should be sharing that stage with me, dadgummit!!  I can’t stop talking about your WORK!!”…Ok, ok, mea culpa, just kidding!  I know it’s her spotlight – but it sure feels good when others appreciate your work.  Thank you very much Sandra!!


Let The Work Speak for Itself

I’ve always enjoyed watching Sandra’s work – it’s TRUTHFUL.  Born in Canada to Korean parents, Sandra’s gift of pulling you in both on the big screen and television is a testament to her gifts, talents, hard work and training.

Hopefully, one day we will all be simply saying, “Best Lead Actress or Best Lead Actor in a Drama goes to …(?)…without a single mention of nationality!  One RACE – the HUMAN race.

Well done Sandra!!!

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