Weathering The Storm

Remember who you are - SuccessSuccess is Right Around The Corner

Far too often I see people with promising DREAMS and or IDEAS get so close to the finish line only to throw their hands up and give up when success was right around the corner.  I know that most of my articles have been more inspirational than any other categories and believe me that’s no accident!

In my book (not a literal book -I haven’t written one yet!), giving up is never an option! I live with the mindset which is, “It ain’t supposed to be easy”! I believe that far too often when the road gets rocky most people allow FEAR to creep in and take over, and that’s a whole ‘nother MINDSET (I’m speaking from experience).

 Keep Fighting!

You have to see yourself as a pugilist in the ring ready to go for all 12 rounds. Staying on your feet for twelve rounds shouldn’t be your goal.  Ending on your feet and FINISHING the fight should.  My point to this analogy is that when you get knocked down (you will), and those legs become so wobbly that you feel you can’t go on; that’s exactly the time to RISE and CONTINUE! Why?  It’s your JOURNEY! It’s your PASSION!  It’s your DREAM, your DESTINY to fulfill!!  And when you do, you will inspire and impact others to do the same!

Saying affirmations can be very empowering, but you also have to BELIEVE and EXECUTE!  Stay away from dream-killers and always be ready to get your hands dirty!


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